Positive Behaviour Support

How we can assist with PBS?

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Next Gen Care recognises the importance of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) for individuals with disabilities and provides support and funding to access these services. PBS aims to understand and address challenging behaviours by focusing on the underlying causes and providing strategies to promote positive behaviour change.

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Key aspects of PBS Services

Individualised Support Plans

The NDIS develops individualised support plans that consider the specific behaviour support needs of individuals with disabilities. These plans outline the supports and services required to address challenging behaviours and promote positive behaviour outcomes.

Behaviour Assessment and Analysis

Together with the NDIS, Next Gen Care supports behaviour assessment and analysis to understand the factors contributing to challenging behaviours. This may involve conducting functional behaviour assessments, collecting data on behaviours, identifying triggers and antecedents, and analysing environmental factors that influence behaviour.

Behaviour Support Plans

Based on the assessment, the NDIS supports the development of Behaviour Support Plans (BSPs). BSPs outline individualised strategies and interventions to manage challenging behaviours effectively. These plans focus on positive reinforcement, proactive strategies, skill-building, and environmental modifications to promote positive behaviour change and improve overall quality of life.

Specialist Advice and Expertise

We help to engage specialist behaviour support practitioners, psychologists, or behaviour analysts to provide expert advice on Positive Behaviour Support. These professionals work closely with individuals and their support networks to develop and implement effective behaviour support strategies.

Training and Capacity Building

We work to provide funding for training and capacity building to individuals, families, and support workers involved in the care of individuals with challenging behaviours. This includes education on behaviour management techniques, de-escalation strategies, positive reinforcement strategies, and other skills to support positive behaviour outcomes.

Support Coordination

We work to provide support coordination services to assist participants in accessing and coordinating Positive Behaviour Support services. Support Coordinators help individuals connect with appropriate behaviour support practitioners, service providers, and organisations that specialise in behaviour support.

Collaborative Approach

Next Gen Care encourages a collaborative approach involving individuals, their families, support workers, and other relevant professionals. It emphasises the active involvement of all stakeholders in the design and implementation of behaviour support plans, ensuring that strategies are person-centred, culturally appropriate, and aligned with the participant’s goals.

Ongoing Monitoring and Review

Together with the NDIS, conduct regular reviews of behaviour support plans to assess their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. This allows for continuous improvement and ensures that the strategies and supports remain relevant to the participant’s evolving needs.

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