Functional Capacity Assessments


What is FCA?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia recognises the importance of Functional Capacity Assessments (FCAs) for individuals with disabilities and provides support and funding to access these assessments. Functional Capacity Assessments evaluate an individual’s abilities, limitations, and support needs across various domains of daily living.

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What is involved

It’s important to note that Functional Capacity Assessments through the NDIS are conducted by qualified professionals and are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. The assessments aim to gather comprehensive information about an individual’s functional abilities and limitations to inform the development of appropriate support plans.

Everyday tasks

Functional Capacity Assessments typically cover multiple domains of daily living, which may include:

  • Mobility and physical abilities: Assessing an individual’s mobility, strength, coordination, and ability to perform activities such as walking, transferring, or using assistive devices.
  • Personal care and hygiene: Assessing an individual’s ability to perform personal care tasks independently or with support, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting.
  • Communication and cognitive abilities: Evaluating an individual’s communication skills, comprehension, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
  • Social and emotional functioning: Assessing an individual’s social interactions, emotional well-being, and ability to participate in social activities.
  • Daily living skills: Evaluating an individual’s ability to manage daily tasks, including meal preparation, housekeeping, financial management, and community participation.
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Key aspects of FCA

Assessment and Planning

The NDIS conducts assessments to determine an individual’s functional capacity and support needs. These assessments take into account the person’s physical, cognitive, sensory, and psychosocial abilities and limitations. Assessments may be conducted by healthcare professionals, therapists, or other qualified assessors.

Individualised Support Plans

Based on the assessment, the NDIS develops an individualized support plan that includes provisions for the required Functional Capacity Assessments. This plan outlines the specific supports and services needed to address the individual’s functional limitations and maximize their independence and participation.

Funding for Functional Capacity Assessments

The NDIS provides funding for Functional Capacity Assessments as part of the overall support plan. This funding covers the costs associated with the assessment process, including the fees of the assessors, any required tools or equipment, and related administrative expenses.

Multi-Domain Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments typically cover multiple domains of daily living, which may include: Mobility and physical abilities, Personal care and hygiene, Communication and cognitive abilities, Social and emotional functioning, Daily living skills

Collaborative Approach

he NDIS encourages a collaborative approach involving the individual, their family or carers, healthcare professionals, and other relevant stakeholders in the Functional Capacity Assessment process. This ensures that the assessment accurately reflects the individual’s abilities and support needs and informs the development of a person-centered support plan.

Review and Monitoring

The NDIS conducts regular reviews of the individual’s support plan, including the Functional Capacity Assessments, to ensure that the supports and services remain relevant and effective. Adjustments can be made to the plan based on changes in the individual’s functional capacity or support requirements.

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